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5 Incredibly Unique Flowers

Every girl has gotten her fair share of roses, tulips, carnations and lilies. While she’ll probably still appreciate getting different arrangements of these same flowers again, you might feel like getting her something different: something to make your gift unique from all the ones all those other guys gave her. If so, consider asking your local florist about some of the unique flowers below.
Novel Choices


Legend has it that the amaryllis flower came to be when a young girl named Amaryllis fell in love with the shepherd Alteo. Despite being a paragon of masculine virtues, his only interest was flowers. The only way Amaryllis could woo him would be to find a new flower. To do this, the Oracle at Delphi told her to pierce her heart before his home that evening. She did so for several evenings, until the amaryllis flower sprouted from the ground where her blood had fallen. With its leafless stem and bold, vibrant, red petals, the amaryllis will stand out from the parade of conventional flowers she’s gotten before.


Bouvardias, named for the personal physician to King Louis XIII, are anything but a conventional flower choice. Their delicate, fragrant, flowers unfurl themselves into stars of white, pink, yellow and red. Several of these petite flowers blossom at the end of each stem, so you can either give her a bouquet with a veritable field of bouvardias. Alternatively, you can use these unique beauties to trim arrangements with more traditional floral centerpieces to give them a uniquely feminine accent.


What could be more unique than giving her a flower whose origins pre-date the dinosaurs? The modern Protea flower, whose ancestors grew on earth 300 million years ago, is truly unlike any other flower you can give her. Protea flowers are huge blossoms framing pronounced stigmas and styles , which come in a number of shapes and styles that evoke a time when the earth was young. You can find Protea blossoms in a wide variety of shades and hues, ranging from pure reds and whites to sunburst yellow petals with crimson tips and borders. One of these blooms will surely wow her.

Sweet Pea

No, they are not food: eating too many of their seeds can even be toxic. They are, however, beautiful flowers that will leave a lasting impression on the lady who receives them. The silky petals of these sweetly aromatic flowers can vary in color to pure white to pinks, reds, and even purples. The sweet pea is actually a climbing vine that climbs up fences or walls, so it is easy to image these flowers spreading across the wall of an old world castle or adorning the column of a long forgotten ruin. A vase of sweet pea blossoms can bring the simple beauty of those romantic scenes into any room she puts them in.


Also known as “The vine that ate the South,” the Kudzu is a trailing vine from Southeast Asia that has spread across the American south like wildfire and produces a singular blossom: a structure anywhere from six inches to a foot in length covered by flowers that are usually some shade of red or dark purple, but can also be white or pink. They will certainly add an exotic touch to any arrangement.
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Your local professional florists can give you even more information about picking unique flowers. Use the MagicYellow directory to find a florist in your area.

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