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Install a Toilet and Lower Your Water Bill

Lowering your water bill can save you a ton of money every month, but it’s a challenge to cut back on water usage during your routine … especially if you already take short showers and turn the water off while you brush your teeth.

If your toilet was installed before 1994, your toilet uses around 3.50 gallons per flush! If your toilet was installed after 1994, it most likely uses around 1.60 gallons per flush, which is definitely a huge improvement, but you could do even better. By installing a WaterSense toilet, you’ll get an EPA approved toilet that uses roughly 1.28 gallons per flush.

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If you’re ready to install a toilet to the existing flange in your bathroom floor, consider using the following steps as a guide.

Place the wax ring in the base of the toilet

The large wax ring – usually around three inches thick – acts as a seal between the toilet and the flange in the floor. It’s crucial you remember to place the wax ring, as forgetting may result in leaks. Once you’ve placed the ring, it’s time to flip the toilet right-side up. Position the toilet atop the flange, so the mounting bolts are fed up through the two holes on either side of the base of the bowl, and wiggle it in place until you feel a solid bond between the wax and the flange.

Mount the toilet bowl to the floor

At this point, you should have your toilet in place and ready for mounting. Screw the nuts onto the mounting bolts and place the decorative caps sp the nuts and bolts aren’t seen. These come with your toilet, but can also be replaced in case you lose or break them. Add a bit of caulk around the base of the toilet bowl to ensure you don’t encounter leaks or unwanted fumes from the sewer lines. At this time, attach the water supply valve to the toilet, but do not turn it own yet.

Mount the toilet tank to the toilet bowl

Be careful when mounting the toilet tank, as it is usually heavy and made of fragile materials in most cases. Feed the tank bolts up through the bowl’s holes near the back of the bowl and attach the nuts.

Assemble the inner workings of the toilet tank

This step will enable your toilet to flush and manage the water fed through the water supply. Skipping this step will result in a toilet that doesn’t work. To assemble the inner works of the toilet tank, including the flush valve, see your toilet’s instructions, as each toilet will require slightly different assembly depending on the technology within the tank.

Add Water

The final step is to make your toilet functional. Turn on the water supply and let the tank fill. Flush the toilet to send the water to the bowl and you’re all set.
Want to cut this down to 40 minutes?
Most professional plumbers will be able to complete this job in 40 minutes or less depending on the scale and specifics of the job. Find a plumber in your area using the MagicYellow directory of local plumbers.

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