How Gutter Systems Protect Your Home [Interview] | Roofing All American Exteriors, a few questions about rain gutters and the part they play to prevent property damage.">
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How Gutter Systems Protect Your Home [Interview]

As a home owner or building manager, it's crucial for you to understand the protection proper rain gutters provide your property. Even if you're not in a particularly saturated area, a few days of rain or harsh downpour could damage both the soil or wood around your property as well as ruin your entire foundation, which will cost a lot of money to fix.

We had the opportunity to ask rain gutter specialist and business owner, Thomas Williams of All American Exteriors, a few questions about rain gutters and the part they play to prevent property damage.
An Interview with All American Exteriors

What function to rain gutters provide?

“Rain gutters provide a way for water to be pushed away from your eaves and foundation. This provides moisture control keeping basements and crawl spaces dry. Gutters protect the soil surrounding your foundation, plants and shrubs, and so much more.”

How important is it to have rain gutters?

“If you do not have gutters, it is quite possible that you will have water intrude into your foundation walls, basement or crawl space floors. Water takes the least path of resistance. Water will flow off your roof, onto the ground and follow a path into the areas surrounding and into your foundation. As the water runs, it will take the surrounding topsoil with it.”

What happens to soil without rain gutters?

“If water is left to flow in the path of least resistance and not into gutters and downspouts, then the soil surrounding your home will begin to erode. The soil begins to wash away and plants begin to lose important nutrients found in your topsoil.”

What happens to wood without gutters?

“That is an important question, without gutters water will run off your roof and onto your fascia and soffit soaking the wood. What's more important is what can happen to wood without free flowing gutters. If you have gutters and they are clogged and water is not flowing through to your downspouts, then the water will flow somewhere else. Generally the water will either overflow to the front of the gutter, or more likely will overfill to the back of the gutter and saturate the fascia wood that the gutters are attached to. The wood will take a long time to dry out and will eventually rot away and cause severe damage, and costly repairs.”

Can windows and doors be damaged?

“If water is not pushed away from your eaves, water will fall directly down and usually will land on your windows and doors again causing them to absorb the water and become saturated. This leads to the wood surrounding your doors and windows staying wet for a longer than usual period, eventually causing the wood to rot and have to be replaced.”

How long does it take to install gutters?

“Depending on the size of your home, gutters can be installed in just a few hours. We have several different options for your home, and some gutter installations take longer than others. A typical gutter installation will take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours with a potential for 4 to 5 hours depending on how complex your home and the gutter system is.”

Can gutters offer decorative value?

“Gutters accentuate the architectural value of your home. Gutters come in many different styles and materials. The most expensive would be copper half round gutters, with round downspouts. The most common gutter style is a K-style gutter made in aluminum.”

Is there a way to recycle water from rain gutters?

“It is amazing the water that comes off of your roof in just a short amount of time. Water can be collected through your rain gutter system and stored into rain barrels attached to your downspouts. Generally rain barrels come in about 50 gallons. These 50 gallon rain barrels can be filled full in a typical rain shower in just a short period of time. You can then use this collected water for watering your plants and yard.”

What kind of process should customers expect?

“Customers should expect that a salesman will arrive and evaluate the customers need at the previously scheduled appointment time. All American Exteriors will provide a written estimate for the gutter product requested. If you are ready to move forward with your project, we then will sit down and write a contract for the estimated products previously provided. A representative will then schedule the installation date and time. Generally installations are scheduled within 2-3 days of signing the contract. Installers will arrive at your home, let you know they are there to begin the installation and usually within 2-3 hours are completed with the rain gutter installation. A representative will check to ensure the installation is completed to your satisfaction and at this point payment would be accepted for the completed project.”

Is it important to have quality work?

“It is imperative to All American Exteriors that quality installations occur with every customer. We know that you as the customer expect nothing less than precision and quality when someone does work on your home, and we strive to accomplish this with every customer we come in contact with.”

What is your company?

”All American Exteriors is a full service construction company specializing in rain gutter installation, gutter guard installs, shingle & metal roofing, foam back vinyl and hardiplank siding installations, vinyl window replacements, and inground storm shelter installations.”

What kind of rain gutter work do you offer at All American Exterior?

“All American Exteriors specializes in installing seamless aluminum K- style gutters along with half round gutter systems. All American Exteriors installs the Lifetime No clog No leak guaranteed Everclean Gutter protection system. We offer a money back guarantee for our Everclean Gutter guard system, if you are not 100% satisfied with our gutter guard system, we will refund your investment for the Everclean cover system.”
Need A Professional?
To learn more about the importance of proper rain gutter installation, you can visit All American Exteriors' website or find a roofing contractor specialized in gutters in your area.

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