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How to Write a Travel Blog

Whether you’re a perpetual world traveler or you like to take the occasional weekend getaway trip, having your very own travel blog is a great way to chronicle your adventures and also share them with the world. In most cases, your friends and family will be your primary audience and they will be the most frequent visitors to your site. Once you make your blog publically available, there’s no telling how many people will come across your journals. And because the travel industry encompasses so many exciting and broad topics, you can focus on just about any aspect to draw in an audience and share your experiences. Consider these tips to bring your travel blog from dream to reality.
Getting Started

Choose your host

Before you pick an online hosting platform for your blog, you need to think about a few things such as your intended use for the blog, who your audience will be, and what types of content you will want to feature. If you’re going to be sharing a lot of photos and video content, look for a platform that supports that media. You should also think about your own expertise when it comes to publishing online content and web design. But fear not, there are great options for all skill levels.

If you’re a relative beginner or you don’t need all the fancy bells and whistles offered by more complex programs, consider signing up for a free blog platform that can basically do all the hard stuff for you. By using sites such as Blogger or Wordpress it’s very easy to get your site up and running quickly with a couple personal modifications. If you prefer the more technical side of blogging, check out Joomla or other content management systems that offer you many flexible customization features. There are also a few programs out there that cost money to use, so consider if that cash is worth it or if it’s better spent on your next adventure!

Add your own personal touch

You want to make your travel blog unique, engaging, and memorable for your readers. To accomplish this there are many ways to personalize your site to appeal to your audience. Start by coming up with a clever or meaningful name for your blog; maybe something that communicates your travel philosophy or focuses on where you will be traveling to. Then you can arrange an attractive theme and layout that will give your blog visual personality. Most of the free hosting platforms introduced above have various themes that can be applied to your site, so just pick one that you like. Think about additional tools that you’d want to add, such as a world map of places you’ve visited, links to your Facebook or Twitter pages, or an index of archived posts and subject that you have written about. You may even want to add a page with introductory information about yourself and your background so visitors you don’t know personally can get a better idea of where you’re coming from. This process may take some time at first, but it is well worth it to establish a look that suits your personality and your blogging goals.

Get the right hardware

When you’re out on the road, you’ll want to make sure that you have a convenient and reliable way to update the folks back home. Don’t rely just on Internet cafes because they may be hard to come by in some areas, often times the connection speeds are quite slow, and they’re usually overpriced tourist traps. If you have the means to bring your own device, that might be a much better idea. Instead of lugging around your full sized laptop, consider investing in a compact and lightweight mini-laptop or tablet with Wi-Fi capabilities. You can even write your content on a non-web-based platform, such as Microsoft Word or Pages, as you go and quickly copy and paste it to your blog once you have access to reliable internet or Wi-Fi connections. Remember that you’ll probably have friends and family eagerly awaiting your next update, so make sure you can deliver on a somewhat consistent basis.

Bring on the content!

Now that you’ve set up everything and your blog is ready to be shared with the world, you can begin to add content and share your adventures. Even if you’re not a trained writer or editor, just share as much as you want in as great detail as possible. Keeping a travel blog is not only a good way for you to keep track of where you’ve been but it’s also a fun and interactive way to include your loved ones in the experience, so write in a style that can bring your audience along for the ride. Try to let your own voice and personality come through in your writings.

Before you depart for your trip, you might want to start your blog off with some updates on your preparations or your expectations for the adventure you’re about to embark on. Consider writing about previous trips you’ve taken and past events that have brought you to this present day adventure. Try to avoid the obvious tips on how to find a cheap flight or what to pack, because doing a quick internet search for topics like this will bring up a myriad of information. You want to make sure your content is unique to your trip and your experiences.

And while you are globetrotting, make the time to update as much as possible. Let your audience know about the new foods you try, the cultural traditions and norms you come across, post photos of the animals and architecture that you see, and the amazing people that you meet along the way. You might want to pick a few specific themes to include in your writings for each place that you visit such as local religious traditions, food or drinks unique to each place you travel to, or touch on how a sport influences the lives of the local people. Make your content fun, engaging, easy to follow, and most importantly, make it special to you.

Let everyone know about your blog

You’ll probably want many people, including your family and friends, to read your posts and view your travel photos but you have to tell them where to find it first. Whenever you’re ready to make your blog live, send out a quick email to your contacts letting them know that you’ll be keeping a travel blog and include the link to your site for easy access. You can also post updates, including photos and videos from the road, to your Twitter and Facebook pages to increase your exposure and get more people involved.
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