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(45) reviews
Phone: (714) 374-7393
19925 Beach Blvd
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
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(45) reviews
I came here to get my nose pierced with my husband and my two kids. They were very accomodating with my children. letting them sit in the waiting area and even changed the channel for them! I was also looking at their cartilage jewelry and not only do they have cute little flower barbells, but a lot of their pieces are interchangeable so I can buy one barbell and 4 different gems for the same one! So glad I found this place!

Lucy pierced me and the experience was great. minimal pain, very professional and nice. also the shop is really clean. ill be back for sure. lucys awesome

They have a great selection of jewelry that is constantly getting restocked with new stuff that's amazing! They have all different kinds of jewelry you can choose from. It is also extremely clean and they're so helpfu. Truly amazing shop!

It was extremely clean and the staff is very friendly. The jewelry is the best part. I have been coming here for years and you can customize every single piece of jewelry to make it as unique as you! Love it!

AmandaL l.
Huntington Beach, CA
twas excellent! Not that much pain and although they were busy, they got to me as soon as they could. Loved it!

bridgette l.
huntington beach, CA
it was an awesome experience. i've been coming here for 10 years and i've never had a problem. i got my nose pierced today and i've read a lot of reviews saying it didn't hurt and i was skeptical becuase it's a piercing, how can it not hurt?? but it really didn't. by far my easiest piercing!

andrear z.
diamond bar, CA
She was very helpful and it didn't hurt at all.

Tracy C.
huntington beach, CA
went to Tommy's with my bestie for matching tragus piercings because of all the rgeat reviews we read online. They had a lot of jewelry to choose from and this place is sooo sterile. I felt very comfortable here.

Mayra O.
Costa Mesa, CA
I wouldn't trust anyone else to do my piercings! I first went there 10 years ago to get my tongue pierced. They did an excellent job! I would give them 10 stars if I could. I just feel comfortable with the piercers and they have the best jewelry. Went back in to get my lip pierced and they once again did a great job! My mom wants to get her navel pierced so I will be back again!

valerie a.
huntington beach, CA
they were super friendly even though i was really nervous. they had a numbing spray for my nose which totally worked. i picked out an 18k white gold piece and it wasn't even that expensive. everything was perfect!

kelsey k.
huntington beach, CA
i bought a nose hoop earlier today, thinking i could get it in by myself. i was wrong. i had to come back and get it done by the piercer and she was really nice about it and it took her five seconds. it was awesome. my nose was all sore from me trying to mess with the other one but she was so quick, i didn't even feel it.

ariana e.
huntington beach, CA
they were awesome! super friendly and they were really quick. they had a lot of stuff to choose from. i would recommend!!

Kindra W.
Huntington Beach, CA

The workers were very helpful in showing me good lip rings to get that would work well for cheer

Thank you I love you guys!!!!!The girls were so gentle and that made it easy and quick.

Rosie G.
Huntington Beach, CA
I called up my daughter and asked her if she wanted to go with me to Tommy T's to get our tragus pierced. We have been there before and always love the selection. We used to live in Connecticut and the shop out there only had one choice. The piercers are very skilled and my daughter and I were done in no time. Very impressed.

I had a p.a. done. Fast and virtually painless. Tommy did an awesome job

Constantine C.
Huntington Beach, CA
My experience at Tommy T's was enjoyable. It was very easy. I had gone in a couple times with one of my friends to buy jewelry. It has a good atmosphere, so I decided to go in to get my ears pierced. I want to stretch them up to 0 ga, but I have really small earlobes so I got pierced with 12 ga to start. They had a big selection of pyrex plugs. I work myself up a little when it comes to things that are painful, so I thought it was going to hurt a lot more than it actually did. Once my ears heal I'll be going back to get them stretched.

Lisa S.
Yorba Linda, CA
I have been searching for an all black labret piercing and I need the medical grade surgical steel. I have heard lots of great things about Tommy T's and I went in to get some new labrets and they had the black one!!! I got that one and another one with a black gem. I am very pleased with my new jewelry and will go back for sure!

Melissa S.
La Palma, CA
When me and my cousin decided to get our nose pierced at the same time...Tommy T's was our first choice of piercing parlor! I was so happy with our coice.. It was so clean and the staff was very nice! I would recomend this place to anyone!

Fernanda E.
It was painless, and very quick. The piercer was really kind and nice, and helped to calm me down. The shop has a good variety of jewerly and it was a really good experience!!

nathan r.
gilbert, AZ
It was fast and friendly good service very helpful and nice went by quick and less painfull than I thought. Tommy helped me find a cool set of plugs and the price was good!

kelsey d.
huntington beach, CA
i always come to tommy ts. its a great place to come. i always feel comfterble and welcomed. i feel safe with choosing tommy ts because of their sterilization process and the cleanliness of their enviornment. i would 100% suggest tommy ts to anyone!

hailey .
buena park, CA
there is a very large jewelry selection and very helpful professionals work here.

I got sick of studying. So I got my cartilage pierced. The girl who did it was super laid back and helped me out with whatever questions I had. Also, I was so psyched that i didn't have to shell out a ton of money. And they were playing KROQ, which makes everything better.

Kristy l.
costa mesa, CA
First impressions are everything! I give Tommy T's a 10! I will definitely be back when I'm ready for my next piercing!

Jenna L.
nice people. extremely strerile and safe environment! Not too many tattoo or piercing parlors to choose from in Escondido, so my friend told me to go to Tommy T's. She had her navel pierced there and she took me to get my tragus pierced. She never had a problem with her piercing healing because they use high quality jewelry. I was a little worried about the pain but it really wasn't that bad. Highly recommended!

brittanie s.
irvine, CA
everything went great...you will be seeing me again..thanx. the piercer was great!!! she was open to give suggestions and ideas. very patient. see you soon

Lindsey V.
Duluth, MN
I couldn't believe how much jewelry they had in the whole store. I live in Minnesota and there is no place out here that has even half the jewelry that they had. I saw the most gorgeous 18K nickel-free navel dangle and I just had to have it. My skin is very sensitive and Tommy told me that going with the 18k would be the best. It has 2 small stars dangling off two chains. I am so happy! All my girlfriends were so jealous when I came back home with it. Next summer we will head back out to California and stop by Tommy T's again for another piece. They also had real diamonds so maybe I'll save up before my vacation!

Einnar R.
Anaheim, CA
The prices are excellent. They have a ton of different jewelry. My younger sister had 2 lip piercings done there and said that they did a great job, so I went to have industrials done on both my ears. I live in Anaheim and there are some tattoo parlors out here that I went into, but I just didn't feel comfortable. I like the atmosphere at Tommy T's it is very friendly. I love my industrials. Thanks Tommy you did a great job!

hasti a.
Tustin, CA
well it was really nice very clean they did a quick job. they make you feel very comfortable nad answer any questions you have. they have rooms for you to be in so its private. it was my first piercing (other than ears) and i dont think i would had done i anywhere else. it was very good and i recommend it 100%

kim k.
newport, KY
I was vacationing in California - Cali! and wanted to get my lip pierced. My friend took me to Tommy T's. He has had several piercings done there and always takes his friends. It's awesome it's clean, the piercer was amazing. The numbing was great and I barely felt the piercing. I love the art of the piercings and tattoos on all the girls in California. They have great style out there! There are places to get pierced in Kentucky, but nothing compares to Tommy and his shop it is absolutely the best! Thanks

Kathy B.
Tustin, CA
When my neice comes down from Colorado we always go to Tommy T's to get pierced. I've been going there for 14 years and would not want to go anywhere else. and very comfortable, very cool. There is no question on whether the place is sterile! I am confident that my piercing is going to be done right. If you ever have any questions Tommy is always available to answer questions. That is priceless, it's not a recording it's a person! Go there and you won't be dissappointed!

Tammy O.
Long Beach, CA
I have been here twice in two weeks and I will probably be here in another two weeks!! I had my navel done first with a Prong set Navel piece made of Implant Grade Titanium - only the highest quality for my body!! Then I got my tragus done with the cutest little Implant Grade stainless steel barbell with CZ gems! Tommy T explained the difference in the type of metal that he pierces with and I'm glad I know that I have only the best metal in my body!

Harvey B.
Huntington Beach, CA
Huge shop, reminds me of the gauntlet of 10 years ago.. Nipples pierced twice, tongue pierced before, I've never seen a higher quality piercing location in Orange Co. Worth a trip you won't be disappointed, just adds to the addiction.. and no matter what type of jewelry your looking for, trust me, they have it. Its like a jewelry store.. hb

Tabetha c.
norwalk, CA
My friends have recommended this place to me. And my body is very important to me so I wanted to make sure everything was clean and also the employees had experience. So when I went to Tommy Ts they were very experienced and clean and helped me with all the questions I had.This is an awesome place to get anything pierced! I drive all the way from norwalk to get my stuff done. I strongly recommend Tommy T's.

Alisha M.
Fountain Valley, CA
I had got a couple of piercings at Tommy T's and they healed great. I went to another shop and had my cartilage pierced and had nothing but problems. I went back into Tommy T's and they told me I needed to switch the jewelry out and that the placement of the piercing was incorrect. They took the time to go over the proper aftercare and explained were the piercing should have been. The aftercare that Tommy T's uses worked the best on my other piercings. I will definately be going back to them!

Nicole S.
Huntington Beach, CA
I've had my eyebrow, nose, and my tongue pierced at Tommy T's and I am extremely satisfied with how they all turned out. They have wonderful customer service, great piercers, and a huge selection of jewelry. The parlor is clean and sterile. I plan on going back and getting my industrial done!

taylor a.
huntington beach, CA
One of my friends went and had his tongue pierced there and he was happy with how it turned, so we took another guy in there to get it done, too. They had a huge selection of jewelry and a ton of plugs. They were way better than what I expected! I thought the piercer was gonna hurt my friend more, but it was over so quick. I would recommend them to anyone.

olivia u.
irvine, CA
great people friendly, always come here for piercings, and have been recommended by many people, all my friends go here. highly recommended.

alexis b.
anahiem, CA
I've been a customer of Tommy T's for 5yrs and never had any complaints about their establishment. The piercers take care of you and definitely know their stuff. Its also a very comfortable environment. If you have any problems or questions you can go in anytime or call and they'll be happy to help you out. I recommend this place to anyone and everyone.

Hope C.
huntington beach, CA
the piercer running the store was very compliant with rules, checked i.d's and birth certifacates. and very friendly and helpful

Caritha A.
Long beach, CA
I wanted to get my navel done for the past 5 years. Finally, I got past my fears and did it. It was a sinch, should of did it 5 years ago. It looks hot and I can't wait to show my friend and her husband who both got their piercings done at Tommy T's

brian c.
newport beach, CA
My girlfriend came here and got an industrial ear piercing a few days ago and when I saw it i knew that it was probably the only piercing that would look good on me (I've wanted to get a piercing for a while)
It was very quick and as painless as possible, nothing more than I expected...lovin it.

Johanna P.
Santa Ana, CA
I went to this place in Santa Ana and got my belly button pierced. It was really bothering me and I told my friend at work about it and she told me about this awesome place where she got hers done at. I came down here and found out that I was pierced with an industrial steel piece of jewelry instead of implant grade stainless steel. The other place never gave me anything to clean it with. I had it changed out to the correct jewelry.