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(13) reviews
Robin T.
Jasper, GA
Skylar was very helpful in guiding me through some answer seeking I so very needed. Even though I knew what it was I should do!! she gave me the clarity and asurance I needed. I would definetly seek her advise again in the future. She also gave me some very good medical intuitive insight on a condition I have and symptoms I was experiencing. I am choosing to take her advise/remedies and approach my treatment holistically and through energy healing than to go thru surgery or use medications. If you need someone to talk to for help I would definitely give her a calll. She was extremely caring and helpful!!


Skylar is great !! I was a little unsure of a telephone reading but was amazed at the accuracy while she tuned in to me..Have done some research on a couple of things we discussed and she was absolutely correct..This is the second time I have had a reading and she was spot on then too..I am very comfortable talking with her and I know I will continue to have readings in the future..

In following up, the reading was not accurate. Past readings were accuarte just not this last one

Ekaterina .
San Diego, CA
My consultation with Skylar was over the phone. I'm from California. I was pretty skeptical about all this but decided to give it a try because i couldn't find peace and was driving myself and everyone around me crazy. First I asked her to help to clarify some legal issues I"m going through and she sure did. I wouldn't believe her if all of a sudden she did't start telling me things about my mom, family and friends that only i know. I feel very peaceful after talking to her. She has great energy and knows what she is doing. I will definitely call her again. :)

In my on going leagal issue, went to court on 27th of Jume 2011, Skylar staed with accuracy what occured. This far two of the three poinys in our discussion came to fruition. Will comment on the third point in the next few months.

I spoke to Skylar on may 7th regarding a legal issue that I am confronted with. She stated what occurred with accuracy. I am currently waiting for the legal matter to progress so that I can write a review comparing what Skylar told me versus what occurred. So far as I stated she has been accurate and a help.

I will continue to stay in touch with Skylar. Friendly attentive and accurate.

Skylar helped me bring closure to my ggrandfather's mysterious life. After (10) yrs. of research, Skylar lead me to the correct McGee family, in Alabama. While I can never prove my theory, at least I have evidence of where he lived & some info. on his family. I have (2) choices as to his origion. Skylar provided much help in searching out the past.
Skylar has the ability to see medical issues; lost items;future events with amazing results. If her reading is "off'" a little, I soon have found she still has pointd me in the right direction.
Never a believer in psychics, she has changed my opinion. I don't know how she does it, but she is great!

I have been consulting with Skylar Robinson for several years. She guided me through a most painful partner breakup that was for a duration of 13 years. I was in a very dark place and needed real support. Skylar was there for me. Her predictions helped me in many ways. Just today she did anothr remarkable thing. I had misplaced a very important document that was missing for many months. I had torn my hourse apart looking for it. I just could NOT find it! It was extremely important to me, and I was getting very anxious that I may never find it, that maybe it had been thrown out or shredded in error. Today I had my monthly session with Skylar. Impulsively, at the end of my session, I explained that I had lost this document and found it to be very upsetting that I could not locate it. Skylar asked me to describe the missing document. I told her what it was, and said that it was on letter sized, yellow paper. She siad that the document was in my home office, in, or very near to, a plastic bag or envelope with a black & white checkered design on it. I was perplexed. At the time I was at my weekend home, and could not wait to get to my primary residence (60 miles away!), to pursue the clue that Skylar provided. In my home office I have an closet that I hardly EVER use. Hanging on the doorknob was a See's candy bag. It was white with a checkered black & white border on it. I rushed to the bag....no, it was not in there. The bag was empty. I was wondering why I hung this empty bag on the doorknob. I then remembered that Skylar said that it would in in or near this clue. I opened the closet door, and there was a white plastic bag with a bunch of papers in it under several boxes. The bag was located directly behind where the checkered bag was hung on the door when the door was closed! I felt like I was guided right to that bag. I picked it up, and THERE IT WAS! The missing document was right in the front part of the bag! I was really amazed, excited & happy all at once. The hair on the back of my neck stood right up! Skylar did it again! Several years ago I asked Skylar if I should finish up a college education that I started MANY years ago, and never fully completed. She said that I should do it, and that I would be successful! That was the encouragement that I needed. With her support I did it! She told me before I even enrolled how I would do academically. She also guided me out of some pretty dark places during the loss of my lover. With her predictions I was able to see what I needed to do to make me feel better about myself. Each session with Skylar can be recorded. Sometimes it is hard to remember what transpires during a psychic session. After each of my sessions, Skylar sends me a recording of the session via my e-mail address. I just click on the link that she sends me in the e-mail, and then I can listen to the whole conversation. I listen to the recordings when I need support, and they have guided me though some tough times. I love Skylar. I have recommended her to my family and friends, and she has helped them as well. She has become my Friend, and I value her psychic gift and how she has shared it with me so I can live a better and more confident life! If you are looking for a true and accurate psychic, Skylar Robinson is my person recommendation. I am a true believer in her psychic abilities, for I have experienced them myself time and time again. I don't know what I would do without her.....!
Dianne Vreeland

I love Skylar. She always tries to help & resolve issues...no matter how trivial.

Lou L.
Mableton, GA
Skylar's gifts are from God. There is a sense of peace when you visit her. She has compassion. She is a wonderful person!

jacqueline m.
atlanta, GA
I have talked with psychics in the past, but none of them were accurate like Mrs. Skylar.

Wanda C.
Villa Rica, GA
As soon as you walk into her office, her personal space, you start to relax. It feels warm and you know you are welcome here.
Her abilities are astounding. She can hold an object of yours and just start talking. Telling about the person it belonged to, and if there is a message from them now. You get in a reading with her and it just flows, and you are startled when the beeper goes off telling you 45 mins. have past and you didn't evern realize it.
Skylar knows her stuff. I always feel lighter after seeing her.