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(59) reviews
Caterina P.
New Port Richey, FL
Zara, It has been such a delighted experience to have an angel reading. You are so accurate that it is amazing to describe. You are truly a vehicle and an instrument of kindness and compassion for others. I recommend you very highly to anyone who believes that we do have a Guiding Angel that protect us at all the time. You have given me so much joy and peace. The most beautiful moment was when I actually felt the angelic presence. What a Splendor! The excellent news is that the prediction came true. What more beautiful gift than that. For me has been an experience that I will never forget. God Bless you and continue to give the joy….I Thank you!

From: caterinapontoriero@hotmail.com

Soki Necola6 minutes ago
Zara is a very intelligent person, she knows a lot of things, and has solved a lot of my questions, from my personal issues to the global issues. It provides me with the great insights of who I am, my mission, where I am going to, my strengths etc.. You can almost ask anything and can help you a lot. Thank you Zara, a great helper!

I really appreciate her work! She knows things accurately, and she actually provides me with some important insights that I must change right now. It's the little things that makes a huge difference.. Sometimes it is something which I am not willing to listen to ( though I know I must try to follow ) . Thank you Zara!

I'm so happy I found Zara. Her connection to the angels and her own personal wisdom and intuition have successfully guided me through some very difficult and painful life events. She is a blessing.
Thank you Zara

I so enjoyed my reading with Zara, she confirmed just what I was experiencing and thinking and it was exactly what I needed.

Love Zara soo much she has transformd me and my life in an amazing way. I was very broken when I found her and through my angel readings I get things....life and my time here makes sense....life comes together with Zara I feel hopeful and purposeful these days. Zara is really an angel....such a good heart and such amazing insight

Derek O.
Bell Gardens, CA
I Thank Thee Madam Zara Angel for not just helping me and guiding me through the toughest of times for me, but for being yourself. That has helped me tremendously. And for wherever our angels are in these tremendous times, I hope for all to become one as time passes by so all may realize the joy that has always been within them. For all your hard work and determination, I would like to say, “Thank You. AND MAY THE FATHER BE WITH YOU ALWAYS, Madam Zara Angel”! Sincerely, Derek Olivares Soto

I had my second reading with Zara three days ago and she is awesome! Although she is objective, her advice and guidance are both sound and
God-inspired indeed.

Shaun Suttle

Brandon M.
I Came across Zara in a very strange way. My friends spoke of a retail store called 'zara' which i honestly NEVER heard of in my life, it also occurred to me that they never spoke about this retail store EVER before. Thus this gave me a particular tingle of importance which magnified each time they mentioned it. This eventually lead me to finding Zara angel and my experience with her was God sent and blissful. Zara is GREAT helper and she WILL help you and is more than willing to listen to you and advise you. Her advice is SPOT ON for the betterment of your lifestyle. Zara is VERY easy to converse with, seems like a friend who you would be extremely comfortable with. Zara and her work is a blessing to this world, and the goodness she does her best to spread is greatly admirable.
Thank you Zara Angel
Best Wishes and Blessings

Zara is spectacular, a truly gifted person indeed. It was through Zara that I released so many capabilities and reasons for downfalls in my life. An extremely easy person to talk to even if it were the first time! She is a true helper and will help you manifest amazing ways to greatly benefit your life for the betterment! The clearings Zara did were wonderful, a feeling of peace starts to enter and confusion fades. Zara is one of a kind and her undoubtedly caring nature and attention she gives are VERY genuine. I'd like to give a huge THANKS to Zara, for all she has done, and that I really appreciate her work! because it truly helps!

Brandon Mendes

hello I would like to know how my angels are. why there her with me for and how can I call em and how do I communate with em can I tell em to but I hope that I can say whats going on with me and the badd people in my life.its been going on for my 48 years of my life so how do I tell em about even my cuz tommydunas do they know them all.the badd people and there nagativety too. that's I grow up with.

Zara had done such a wonderful job. Not only she is easy to talk to, but very understanding and compassionate. She help me clarify a lot of things that had happen for me and assure me that I am on the right path. I am so glad I chose her as my spiritual adviser. Thank you!

What a wonderful and truthful experience. Zara is truly an Angel. She gives us practical advise for our everyday issues. I look forward to an ever increasing relationship.

Zara is not only wonderful, she is caring and very easy to talk to. She has given me a different perspective on my life. Her words are kind, uplifting, healing and funny! She helps me understand things that go on in life. I can't thank her enough!

Crystalee W.
Troy, AL
I have continued my work with Zara and she has totally changed my life in the past 3 months years of expensive therapy could never of done all that we have accomplished. The energy clearing alone is worth it all, but she is more than a "psychic". She can provide spiritual counseling and actually put life into a true and wonderful perspective. If you know something has just got to get better in your life, right now, talk with her. You won't be sorry. Remember, you are actually special and you are actually worth it. Invest in the better life you deserve. I'm so glad I did.

After working with Zara for the past year, I am stronger than I would have ever thought possible, and I feel better than I ever have in my entire life. I thank her for showing me how to build my life all over again exactly the way I want it to be. Thank you to the Angels for bringing me to Zara and for allowing me to live my life the way I always imagined it. Thank you!!!!

I've been having reading with Zara for 12 years. Her psych abilities are incredible and her advice and insight invaluable. Zara is genuine, funny and direct. I have been lifted by her clearings and felt the angelic process of healing. She has counseled me through huge changes, decisions, and discoveries in my life. Her reading are so specific to you! Hearing from my angles is such an enlightening experience.

The synergy from Zara’s spiritual connection is absolutely amazing and the value and benefit knowing how to manage the situation as our journey transitions. I still think having a sense in our current path is always a pleasant surprise however; now knowing how to manage the events that are associated with the journey is a fulfillment and blessing. Thanks Zara for opening our minds and heart.

The synergy from Zara’s spiritual connection is absolutely amazing and the value and benefit knowing how to manage the situation as our journey transitions. I still think having a sense in our current path is always a pleasant surprise however; now knowing how to manage the events that are associated with the journey is a fulfillment and blessing. Thanks Zara for opening our minds and heart.

"I Could Feel The Healing Energy coming in way before the Session even started. I am still feeling the effects of it all very strong today too, Everything is still in progress, I'm sorry I got cut out every time we went to talk.
The meditations were really powerful & I was able to get my Guradian Angels Name which was Coincidently, Michael!!!!!
I can feel that everything is still happening & isn't finished yet, il be sure to let you know of all the results!!!
Thank You So Much for Putting The time & effort into your webinars it is greatly appreciated.
I was happy to see that we had a few new people join the group that was very nice to see. It's a blessing that people were given the chance to meet their angels and to know that they can commune with them, ask for help & experience it for themselves. The more you practice the better you become at it & things will be able to flow more easily to you. Thank you again!!
It was nice to meet all of you!
Thank you Zara,
& Yes I have been witnessing Miracles all day long!!!!
Thank you!!!!"
Dawn Marie Travell

Love Dawn

Zara is amazing at what she does. I had a great time too!! She is so sweet and down to earth. She touched upon key elements in my life that are affecting me everyday. She knew what makes me tick and how to learn to unwind. I've been to many types of therapies and never have I had someone understand and get to those areas that quickly. Her ways are wondrous! She was able bring issues to the surface that were controlling me both physically and emotionally. I'm really looking Forward to another session.

Zara is awesome she brought a lot of peace to my life.im excited to see how everything is going to fall into place.
Thank you so much Zara

laura f.
Saint Louis, MO
After years of desperately trying to understand why I could not relate to most people and why my life had been so painful at times, I came to Zara who almost immediately explained who I am and my true purpose in life. Everything she told me was 100% accurate and she has turned my life around completely. I have let go of the toxic relationships, have learned to be assertive and to follow my true path. She taught me not to look back and to let go of the fear. She has given me so much information about the people and events in my life without giving her any details previously. She is astounding. I have spoken to her several times over a very short period of time and I will continue to do so for guidance. She is a wonderful spiritual healer, a modern shaman with a very compassionate, loving soul.

I have talked to Zara several times over a very brief period and I have to admit that she has turned my life around for the better. Everything she has told me has been perfectly accurate. While for years (actually, most of my life) I had thought of myself as worthless because of my upbringing into a dysfunctional family, I have come to the conclusion that I am an awesome person with so much to give (and receive!)
I now know why things have gone in a certain way, I have learned to be assertive and not to give my trust away before really knowing the person. She is a true angel and I feel blessed to have her in my life. Laura F

My life has truly been changed for the better in ways that you could never even imagine. You have to experience it for yourself, words cannot describe the beauty and power in a reading from Zara.
She can help you understand yourself in ways that you never would have thought possible, she really does teach you how to live the best possible life that you are capable of, she helps you communicate better, your relationships become more meaningful, you are able to focus on what's important in life & what you actually need to do. She will guide you so that you are truly happy and fulfilled with everything in your life. She heals you completely in every way. If you wake up everyday knowing there's something better out there and that something has to change then this is the answer. If that's really everything that you want in life is to be happy, meaningful and live the best possible life that you can then probably need have a reading done with Zara, she will help you and pick you up right from where you are today. No need to ever be ashamed, what could be worst, going in circles staying in the same place you have always been, or appreciating and knowing all that you can be and start taking the steps now so you can get where you want to be. Time dedication and truly wanting this in your life is what it takes, it does take work, but you will end up with the results you want. I guarantee it. You say you wish things would change and wish things would be better, there's no limit, just putting the time and effort into healing yourself and those around you today. You won't be the only one who benefits from this, when your the person everyone needs you to be and you can be happy being that person that's when you are going to be the most successful with everything that you choose to do.

I had a reading and found Zara insightful and soothing. Her insights were accurate, interesting, and peaceful. I look forward to seeing how the next weeks come through as her clearing energy manifests in my life. Thank you and with gratitude.

I had a phone session with Zara.she gave me answers to many questions,Now i have a much better perception about events taking place in my life.
she is amazing thank you we will talk again

wendy s.
Fontana, CA
I had a brief reading with her on 2/16/13 and she provided so much information about my life and what I'm going through that it brought me to tears. I'm so grateful to have talk to Zara because now I have a new perspective about myself and how to deal with people taking my loyalty for granted. She's opened my eyes to see the future has great opportunities for me once I make a long over due decision.

I just had a session with Zara over the phone and my experience made me feel better about myself. She has confirmed my purpose in life, which I just didn't recognize and gain confidence now in moving on with my life. She gave answers to uncertainties and questions I was thinking about in the past couple of weeks. It gave me a brighter perception and a direction where I am heading to. And about Zara, she is so nice and kind to talk with. You can easily open up your life to her with no hesitations. Thank you Zara for the nice words and sense of direction. 'Til next time. - John from California

My experience with Zara has been the most amazing thing in my life. She is truly an angel. She radiates love, acceptance and compassion. It has been so comforting to talk to her. She has given me so much insight about who I am and where I am going. I just had my 2nd reading with her and in 2 weeks I will have my third. She has completely turned my life around for the good. What an amazing person. Thank you Zara for all that you have done for me :)
Love, Penny Truman

I feel so inspired to tell everyone about Zara....She is truly an angel and a medium for Archangel Michael. I just got my 2nd reading from Zara and wow!!! It was amazing! She is such a sweet gift from God! I feel so happy, complete and full of love right now. I have never in my life felt like I know who I am and my purpose here in this life like I do after talking to Zara. Thank you so much Zara

Just like a True Angel would guide you when you ask for help and direction, Zara really is doing her Angel work perfectly. If any incarnated Angel out there is really fully fulfilling their purpose right now and doing their Angel work, its Zara. She once said some of the worlds greatest incarnated angels Martin Luther King and John Lennon were really into doing their Angel Work. I fully believe she is right up there with them her name should be on that list of amazing incarnated angels who are truly fulfilling their purpose. Don't you see how wonderful, meaningful and life changing that one incarnated angel fulfilling their purpose can do, she's right it can affect millions of people and I fully believe Zara has accomplished this, in my eyes she is truly famous and the Best Incarnated Angel yet. I fully believe that from the bottom of my heart and she deserves Credit for accomplishing what she has. Opening our eyes and helping us, Zara is the change and the light. Don't you see it. She is a True Incarnated Angel who's purpose is being fulfilled and making a huge difference in the world. You want proof of her teachings? Well take a look into her life and what she's accomplished and it's right there. All of the answers are right in front of you.

Love Always

Zara has been a great spiritual healer. Bringing comfort in times of extreme stress with her work and by lending a friendly ear.
She has shed light into family and personal matters which were clouded by negativity.
Her blessings, clearings and positive affirmations have brought me to a higher lever of understanding. With her teachings, I've been able to learn how to respond when confronted by psychic attacks and how to deal with difficult, dark personalities (including dark entities).
After a session with her, my living space has shown a noticeable improvement; and although we have a vast geographical distance between us, she has been able to clear my home of negativity particularly in rooms where the atmosphere felt dense and stagnant. The atmosphere is now clear, calm, quiet and conducive to persevering my goals and objectives.
It is amazing how feelings of being bogged down have been replaced with clarity and a sense of peace, hope and confidence
Her perception of negativity is keen and has been a great asset to my peace of mind and development. She is a blessing. With her help, I am transcending in order to continue on my next stage in life.

NIks .
Excellent is the word for her. I could not believe how amazing she was...Trust me on this because when i came in , honestly , I purposefully gave her no information at all , at all means at all , just gave her the names and left it on her to pick up everything , and my goodness i was surprised as she was able to pick up so much as it was ..Now aint taht what a real psychic is. she was extremely specific about how things were going on..and the part that impressed me the most was the fact that she was able to differencitae people's energy..i asked her about two men , and i was expecting ,a s it happens with most other psychics, that she would mix the energies , espceially when no prior information was given to her , but OMG she picked it up accurate on the two separately...she was able to even describe things which only i would know,,no general information ,w hich is very safe to give , and that gave me the confrmation that I was in the right place..How the predictions come to pass , that only time will tell , but i definitely have clarity..I then came back again to her and would love to stay in touch always...she is coming in person near my area , and i m pretty exicted to meet her in person and seek her guidance..it is wonderful knowing u..thanks a lot!!

Celeste S.
Sudan, TX
Wow! That about sums it up! Just WOW!

Zara's reading helped me to make a decision about a business oppurtunity that I was struggling with. She explained to me that oppurtunity was inspired and that I would be very successful at it. I immediately jumped in feet first. I am so glad that I did! It has changed my life!

Not only has she helped kickstart my career, she has opened my eyes to my family. I understand my daughters and husband so much more because of her readings. I have been given insight into their souls and that is priceless to me.

I have thoroughly enjoyed Zara's readings and I plan to continue speaking with her in the future. She is truly a godsend! Thank you Zara!!!


karie T.
Bothell, WA
I met Zara over 10 years ago. I was at a point in my life where I felt I had lost so much and was searching for someone to help me find the answers. My first reading with Zara was the day my life changed forever. She has been such an inspiration and has helped me successfully work through so many life issues. I consider her a blessing in my life. Through her guidance, I have a deeper connection with the spirit world and now understand my purpose here on earth. I feel my heart has healed and for that, I am very grateful the angels brought her to me.

My readings with Zara have far surpassed all of my expectations. She is without a doubt a gifted psychic but what makes her readings so special is her genuine counseling ability. She provides a calming, soothing and comforting energy even through the telephone. If you are looking for validation, direction or answers to any questions in your life, Zara is definitely the person to help. As a very logical law student, I was pretty skeptical of Zara at first, but after a few minutes of speaking with her, I knew that she was the real deal!

Zara definitely knows what she's talking about. She has an uncanny ability to connect with angels and rely messages to those in need. She was sent to provide the information I needed in order to better understand my life mission. Please request a reading from her if you need to heal your heart.

melanie s.
long beach, NY
this reading changed my life for the better, the reading was 100 percent accurate, words cant explain what it feels like to finally know what my purpose in life is, and why i am the way i am, i have never felt this positive in my life, i see no road blocks in my future, i now see a clear path, i am so blessed, she is indeed an angel.

Kendra R.
Springfield, OH
When I was laid off and not finding work, I came to Zara to get some guidance. I've been on a few dozen itnerviews and nothing was happening. I admit I was getting nervous and a little desperate, but what I loved was how Zara was able to help me see the right path for me to take,

I've toyed with going back to school, but always put it off and now I've registered for classes in the upcoming semester at my local college to study a field that I love.

Dana H.
Bangor, ME
The Angel reading I had done on Skype with Zara was incredible, I;ve done tarot in the past, more than a few times, but none of those come close to the depth of my angel card reading. Zara did a wonderful job, she really got into the specifics and was able to tell me what was going on and going wrong in my life.

I never realized how simple the answers could be and how easy it would be to make some simple changes, thanks to Zara, I finally made the changes I've needed to make for years.

Luciana A.
Plano, TX
I was really touched by how thoughtful and insightful the ange lcard reading I had from Zara was. Even though it was over the phone, there was so much warmth and kindness in her voice, it really made the reading that much more special to me. Zara has a gift, not just being able to communicate with the angels, but also with people. I felt like I was talking to a dear friend. Thank you.

Edith J.
Canton, OH
I really liked Zara's angel card reading I had done online a few weeks ago. I wanted to see where things were doing with my boyfriend and didn't really want any doubts lingering over the holidays. She was able to help me pinpoint what I was looking for in the relatiosnhip and helped me get to a point that I felt comfortable enough to broach the topic with him. It wasn't easy, but I'm so glad I'm back on track. The spiritual advice and guidance that Zara gave me made all the difference in the world and I can go into the Christmas season in good spirits, knowing I'm on the right path.

Stella E.
Dade City, FL
I was impressed with Zara's gentle approach and the helpful prayers for my angel reading that I had her do via Skype. I knew what was going wrong, I just didn't know how to turn things around - I'm so glad she could put it in perspective for me. It's helped immensely.

When I first looked at ZARA's picture, I thought, Something's special about this person, and I was right. I have been working with ZARA for about two months, and now I feel totally different chilly, light, more energy and more spunk. Now I want to interact socially. Before working with ZARA, I was so afraid of people and now I'm opening up. I've also noticed that people are now kinder to me and are inviting me to events.

Now, I feel good and I definitely want to continue working with ZARA forever. She helps me that much!

she was very gentle with me and after her prayers i really felt comforted.. i have been going through a lot of things lately but she told me the origin of my problems.. which i dint tell to her before but i knew it. i really was feeling more calm and she gave me advice about my depression. I hope God be with her and that she can help many people in the future.

linda p.
lancaster, CA
I was upset in a change of my life for a month lately and Zara hit it right on the nickel! She will know you better than anyone! Her reiki healing and her angels will help you like winning the lottery! I feel so loved, healed (and healing), and protected, I never felt like this in my life!! It's 2 days later, I am channeling messages from angels and sending them to my christian friends and I do better each day!!! I can actually get along with my family alot better now!!! You are wonderful Zara, I owe ya one!

Anita E.
Bemidji, MN
Well worth a visit to Zara - this was my first visit, but everything she told me was spot on, she's very detailed and during my Angel Reading (over the phone) she was able to get right to the heart of the matter and let me know what the problems I've been having are actually stemming from.

Not easy to hear, but knowing the truth makes it easier to move forward. Zara is intelligent, kind, and a very talented lady.

Erica B.
Snohomish, WA
Zara was able to channel Archangel Michael in a session I recently had with her - it's not the first time I've come to Zara, and with the depth of her vision, it will not be the last time!

I had some questions about the choices I've made lately and wanted to know what my angel card reading would say. I've had tarot readings before, but this time I wanted to know what my guardian angels would say and Zara was able to help me make that connection and really get some answers. It's good to know that I'm finally making the right decisions in my life and I'm doing what's right for me.

Being able to turn the focus of my life back to me has been a little daunting, but being able to refocus and move forward knowing the outcome will benefit my entire family is a great feeling.

Alicia R.
Manhattan, KS
The Angel Card reading Zara gave me over Skype was very detailed - I was looking for some advice on which path to take, I'm at a turning point and want to make the right decision for me and everyone involved. Zara helped me to see the path I needed to take, and having her advice has made it easier for me to make the changes I need in my life.

Carolyn W.
Evanston, IL
I had an Angel Card reading session via Skype with Zara - I've heard such wonderful things about her and have been curious about having my angel reading done. I've had tarot done before, but nothing quite prepared me for this.

Zara has a unique gift for putting people at ease, even shy people like me and was able to tell me some things I didn't even realize about the problems I've been having lately and some things that might be the cause.

Her gift of insight and clarity really helped me see what the core problems I'm dealing with are and what I can do to help myself. I think that's what I liked most about my session, Zara helps me take back the power in my life and gave me the confidence to make the changes I was longer overdue to make.

Jamie E.
Lynnwood, WA
My angel card reading was so in-depth and spot on, it sent shivers down my spine - I love that Zara in focused on who she's with during the entire session - no interruptions, very professional and I really appreciate that. Easily the best reading I've had and I will be coming back to Zara again.

Miranda .
I visited Zara a few months ago seeking guidance as I felt so incredibly lost in life. I wanted answers to why things were happening and what I could expect for the future. I was so blown away by the level of detail she got into my circumstances and it was exactly what I needed to change my life around. I am so much happier since I had my first visit with her. I have been back and will be back again!

Lisa V.
Granite Falls, WA
I came here looking not for help in making a decision, but more for finding a reason why things were happening the way they were - I've been on a particularily bad streak of luck, or oso I thought, but after seeing Zara and having a psychic angel reading and tarot reading, I finally see things differently.

What she told me was spot on - and it was the motivation I needed to change the less-than-stellar path I've been on lately and I've been able to make a lot of progress, from finding a stable job to just feeling more personal strength. The changes may be subtle, but with her guidance and her insight, I've finally managed to take control of life I'm living and don't feel sorry for myself and wallow in self-pity, like I was doing before.

Naomi B.
Kirkland, WA
I came to Zara last month when i needed a little insight into what was going on in my life and why there has been so much turmoil lately. I wasn't expecting the in-depth answers I received. She did a Psychic Angel reading and gave me information from Archangel Michael, letting me know a few things in my past that I never mentioned and telling me that a few problems in my past lives were interfering with me now and she did an aura cleansing, and I've never felt better or more at peace than I do now. I waited to give her a review because I was skeptical, but Zara really does have a gift.

Mik .
She Was GREAT!! She sure told me what i wanted to hear! everything she said was right on the dot and nothing she said was incorrect she was worth my money!

Ben C.
She was great! She told me what i wanted to hear. Go to her shes worth it i will Vist her more often.

Mark P.
Lake Elsinore, CA
Answers Accurate. Very Helpful And Caring. I Will Visit Her Again. She Helped Me In My Darkest Hour.

Claud C.
Seattle, WA
Zara hands down is the ultimate and renowned metaphysical store in Seattle. Me and my sister have been a regular customer for two years now and can say everyone at the shop is very friendly and helpful. Her price is just reasonable and affordable. I'm always happy to pay her for the half-hour reading that is giving by a truly talented psychic. One of the best things about this shop is they hand make a whole line of magical products that really work. Do yourself a favor and stop in to check them out yourself - you'll be happy you did!