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Phone: (888) 511-0018
Fax: (305) 891-0207
Serving The United States
Miami Beach, FL 33139
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(21) reviews
If you value your time or stuff, DO NOT use Authorized Movers.

They were several hours late and then had extra charges not discussed in my quote even though we had explained exactly how many steps etc from our apartment to the curb. Then they said my stuff would be taken care of if I tipped them.

Assured me a specific window and when they didn't show up, I was told they might be a day late. Two days later after many phone calls I found that they wouldn't arrive for at least a week since my stuff was just sitting in a warehouse not far from my old apartment. The guys on the phone will make verbal commitments that are contradicted by the fine print, and even if you ask about the fine print, the person on the phone will tell you that that's just the standard contract and that the delivery date will be whenever he says it will be.

When they did arrive, several large items like my children's bunk bed were missing and lots of things were smashed beyond repair. Could they find my kids' bed? Would they look for it? NO! Instead I was directed to the contract which requires you to go through arbitration to get a few cents per pound of lost or damaged stuff. I went through that process, and Authorized Movers never complied with the approved claim.

I've never paid so much to get so little.

Salem .
Indian Trail, CO
Worst, worst, worst moving company ever. They don't even have movers- they subcontract out. Then, in our case, they call us the day before and come up with a $500.00 "out of origin" fee and wont even let us cancel over the phone. We've never even gotten our deposit back($134.00). Don't even consider calling them until you've checked their ratings with the Better Business people.

Ritha B.
Cincinnati, OH
I am in the middle of an absolute nightmare right now. I dealt with a man named Gabrial at Authorized Movers. Freedom Van lines came and picked up my things a day early, charged me almost $400 of hidden costs. They said they'd deliver it 6 days later (from San Antonio, Tx to Cincinnati, OH) and never did. I called to ask where my things were and they would not tell me. No one would answer the phone or return phone calls. Isaac with Freedom Van Lines was COMPLETELY inappropriate and told me "I wish I could have a magic hat and pull a truck out of it for you to deliver your things," followed by "A private truck costs $10,000. Did you pay $10,000, I don't think so." Another great line was, "Don't you think you should read a contract before you sign it?" He proceeded to tell me that he had up to 21 days to deliver my things. He said he would work on it and call me back in 10 minutes. Never did. I called him the next day and he asked me why I was calling him and that he was sitting with his girlfriend and not to call his phone anymore. I CURRENTLY HAVE NO IDEA WHERE MY THINGS ARE, what condition they are in.... NOTHING!!!! I've been trying to get a hold of Gabriel and he is never in the office, never checks his voicemail and never calls back. I am about to start a job where I work 80-100 hrs/week and obviously do NOT have time to sit at home waiting for them.

Cheryl G.
Little Elm, TX
This company has made a small move a nightmare and are now holding our things hostage because of hidden fees and over weight chgs. They did not give us a weigh slip at the beginning of the pick up as we requested and now we are suppose to take their word after being lied to continously about pick up date and the cost of additional boxes when 1 for a printer was used. No one can resolve matters except Mr Paz the owner who never seems to be in.

Pat S.
North Tonawanda, NY
So far, they have called and will be at least a day late. This is messing up my whole move, I have animals being transported by someone else, and i have to make it to my new house before the animals arrive. I allowed for plenty of travel time, but now this company has put me back AT LEAST a day, and NOW I am worried I might not make it to my destination (1800 miles) in time to receive may animals, and I am alone and must be present to get my furniture loaded and then rush the 1800 milles to meet my aniimals. I cannot fly since I need to take my car to my new house and taking some of the animals with me that wouldn't fit the transport! This company may not only have created problems for me, but may have also put my animal's lives in danger. I will report more as things progress, but right now, I am not impressed. They don't appear to be very reliable, AND when asked when they would be here, they waffled on an exact time so I could even try to make other arrangements. They eveb asked if I wanted to cancel my order! I can't. New people are moving in here on Wednesday because I was promised to be out on Tuesday! Many people are being put out due to this ineptness. I am hoping to hear from the company in the morning to see if we can get this resolved. I will update with resolution. I hope to report that they have resolved this situation to my satisfaction, and the other family who will have no place to stay or I will have no place to stay or whatever due to all my stuff still in here and their stuff arriving on Wednesday possibly before these movers even arrive! I would already rate this buisness poorly, I sure hope to change my mind, and soon.

michael w.
washington, DC
These guys are amazing! They were incredibly professional, courteous, and efficient. I've had horrible experiences with movers and was dreading this move, but it was easy and painless because of the service I received from Authorized Movers. I really recommend Authorized Movers and will only be using them in the future

tracey c.
ny, NY
I had a great experience working with Authorized Movers. They sent over four men and all of them were nice, polite, and highly professional. They were quick and efficient from start to finish. I am so glad I went with them. I highly recommend working with them. At the end of the day, I had absolutely no complaints.

kimberly b.
tampa, FL
I used this company for my move from Florida to New York City . I had an excellent experience with Authorized Movers. They arrived on time, packed everything up really well. Their customer service people are friendly and informative. I really appreciate the service. I would definitely recommend them to others.

dawn m.
miami, FL
I have used Authorized Movers twice to move and I found them to be courteous, professional, honest and efficient. They are extremely fast and yet look after your belongings carefully. I had an ideal moving experience both times and I would never use anyone else to move. They get the job done fast, efficiently and well. I can't recommend them highly enough, I tell all my friends to use them because they are simply the best - and having been burned by movers before I can tell you that they are far above the rest!

dallas, TX
I have had some very bad moving experiences in the past, so I came into this move expecting the worst. It was a pleasant surprise to receive the high level of professionalism, honesty, and attention to detail that Authorized Movers showed me. I will definitely use them again in the future and recommend them to my friends

tyron j.
orlando, FL
I wanted personally thank to Authorized Movers for the great job they did last week. The crew was respectful, professional and extraordinarily considerate. Everything was handled with care and attention. The movers themselves were great guys who make my move to be easier than I thought. I very much recommend Authorized Movers to anyone who needs a good and reliable moving company.

victor p.
miami, FL
It's weird that there's a bunch of negative reviews on authorized movers because I had a great experience with them! I was referred to them by a friend and I couldn’t get anything better. I was completely terrified of using movers (because of all the horror stories!) but these guys were great. They were quick & kind. Even my estimate was right on. I really recommend Authorized Movers

Aquil W.
Philadelphia, PA
I would have to agree with everything that was said about this company. They did not stick to any part of their contract. They charged me an extra 400 hundred when they got to my apartment for what they said would be the cost of moving supplies. What the moving supplies turned out to be was basically "glad wrap" which they put around my things. When they arrived at my location, their was a box and a lamp that was missing. I too am going to take them to small claims court.

Jason H.
Montrose, CO
This was the worst move I have ever experienced. They were several hours late every time they gave me an arrival time. They thought it was going to b a 1 day move, after we had planned it to be a 2 day move, which led to an argument in my driveway between the employees. Most importantly, they are very dishonest with many hidden costs, ironic to their “ no surprise quote”. The final cost was more than double the quoted price, with no explanation or compromise. I would not wish this moving company on to even my worst enemy, please be warned and look for another company. They were a lame group that did not speak English, did not offer any explanation or remorse, and fortunately only broke 3 pieces of furniture. After the move I left 13 voicemails, and yet to have one returned.

Vickie O.
West Allis, WI
I paid for full service packing. I had already packed 80% of my things. They were supposed to repack breakables, but did not, and what do you think happened? Yes, the obvious! They even packed garbage. Even on the Household Inventory sheets of which THEY filled out, it states "Packed By Owner(PBO)", my own boxes were used, of which was at least 80 %, and I still paid for Full Service Packing.Then at the end they charged me double for the packing material they used. Which they didn't even use enough of their own packing material to charge me for the 1st full packing fee. I had no lg pieces to move, ie; bed sets, living rm sets, dining rm sets, etc... and it still took them 10-12 or more hours to load the truck. Even after notifying them, they still won't do the right thing. Are they so stupid as to put on the inventory sheet that I packed almost everything and they don't think any judge will see that. They're idiots. I'm, in the process of suing them right now. Judge Mathis plus others, have contacted me back to do so.

Bryan B.
Austin, TX
This was the worst. The sales people make all sorts of promises and the company delivered on none of them. I think its funny that they advertise that they offer a FREE 30 Storage. I found out that this is because they take that long to delviver. I am still waiting on my belongings. I wish that I found this site sooner.

Josh T.
Oswego, IL
I learned my lesson. I will not try to be frugal about my moving expenses from now on and use reputable companies next time around. Future customers, use this company only if you have no other choice because you are strapped for cash. Sure they were cheaper. But it was not by much. And I sure got what I paid for. They missed my delivery dates even though it was previously agreed to by Sales, They either did not answer calls or return calls in a reasonable amount of time. Many boxes were bashed with damages to the contents. Many of my furniture pieces were damaged or scratched up on the surface. I am missing a few boxes. They "delivered" 2 boxes that did not belong to me. It is a miracle I did not have additional damages to my stuff because they came in such a bad shape. The mover told me that people in Dallas basically throw stuff around and that I should have asked for additional protection. What bad operation. Well, it is done, lesson is learned, and enough is said. Never again.

jerry .
This is the worst moving company that you can pick up. To secure your service they have a sweet talking lady who paints a promising picture. Once you pay the deposit you are lost.

On the day of collection they added $300 to the cost for 3 cardboard boxes and to load the items into the truck.

They had promised to deliver my household items within a week but they didn't even start the truck within this time frame.

I tried calling them to get an update on when they would deliver, I could get to only a voice mail regardless of when or how many times i called. I started leaving voice messages, still getting no response from them. After 4 days of trying i finally got to talk to someone who said that they will ship it on that day.

There weren't many items to begin with but they even managed to miss 4 boxes. The next phase of claims is even worse. You get to an impolite service where you are put on hold for hours listening to an FM channel. If you try repeatedly you might be able to get to some rude person who will say that they will call back.

Stay away from this company. They deliver nothing for the charges they ask and add more costs at the end.

Shelly .
I just moved to another state. On May 28th, Authorized Movers told me I will receive my stuff in one week. On June 8th, I still hadn't received anything so I called Authorized Movers. They said I'd get my stuff on May13-15th. I said "you told me it was going to take 1 week, and now it's taking over 2 weeks?' I didn't even sound upset, and that operator said "Mamm, we have a lot of businesses to serve" in a mad voice.

It's May 13th and I've been calling them to make sure I can get my stuff by the end of this week. I called them at dfiferent times on different days. No one in their long distance department ever picked up the phone. I left my phone number, no one ever returned my call. I sent them emails, no one ever responded. Now I am having the feeling that I won't get my stuff anytime soon. I've been sleeping on the floor and I have no more clothes to wear because they are with Authorized Mover in who knows where. They have also already messed up a lot of my plans.

The only reason I used Authorized movers was that I needed to move ASAP. I called a lot of moving companies and only Authorized Movers was able to come next day to pick up my things. What I can say about Authorized movers is that they get you a quote very quickly, they pick up your stuff quickly, and then they don't deliver.

My advice: Don't use Authorized Movers for long distance! They may be cheaper than some other moving companies. But when you don't have your furnitures and household goods and clothes for many days because Authorized Movers failed to deliver on time, it will cost you a lot more money.

Carolyn C.
My husband and I told them that we needed out things to be delivered to our new apt in MO by Sat because I needed to fly out Sunday for job training. They said it would be there withing 3 to 5 days. They LIED!!!! After they picked up out things on Tues., May 8, 2007, they called us on Wednesday to tell us that it wouldn't be delivered for 7 to 10 days. I had a feeling that we should have told them just to bring our things back, but we really needed to move. That would have given us our things the next week. My husband have talked to the dispatcher and he was told that our things would be delivered by Friday, May 18, 2007. It was not, and when we called in, someone in their customer servicce said that if it had been in the computer, we would have gotten our money back but it's not so we still have 21 days to deliver your things. It is now May 24, 2007 and we still do not have our things. They are now saying 3 to 6 more days. That's not going to cut it. My husband's work tools, clothes, and shoes are packed away and his boss is about to fire him if he doesn't go to work next week. He had to keep taking time off to wait for the movers to come like they "promised". My poor husband has been sleeping on the floor this whole time. I cannot do that since I was in a car accident a year and a half ago and have a bad back. I need my memory foam mattress. I will be home on Friday, May 28th from my job training and have no bed to sleep in with my bad back. They don't care. Plus they still want us to pay for everything. Hopefully, we get our things in time. I'll write another reveiw whenever we get out things.

Laura .
Fort Worth, TX
I would think that you could pick up the phone, talk to a sales person at a moving company, schedule a move, have them pick up our stuff on time, handle our belongings with care, and deliver it on time.

The total estimated value of damaged goods including: all scuff marks (that we could not remove), additional dents, dings, and scratches that lead us to believe our belongings were not handled with the utmost care and respect totals $6,960.00.

We have not included in this presentation the fact that with a courteous phone call, we would have been able to plan our renting situation a bit better, including the pro-rated options we have with our Apartment Complex. We are more concerned with our personal belongings being compensated accordingly.

Please, if you value your belongings and are in a rush, want your belongings to be treated with respect, do not use this company!