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Carolyn C.
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Authorized Movers
Categories:  Moving Services Labor & Materials, Moving & Storage, Apartment & Residential Movers, Storage Household & Commercial, Furniture Movers
Serving The United States
Miami Beach, FL 33139
My husband and I told them that we needed out things to be delivered to our new apt in MO by Sat because I needed to fly out Sunday for job training. They said it would be there withing 3 to 5 days. They LIED!!!! After they picked up out things on Tues., May 8, 2007, they called us on Wednesday to tell us that it wouldn't be delivered for 7 to 10 days. I had a feeling that we should have told them just to bring our things back, but we really needed to move. That would have given us our things the next week. My husband have talked to the dispatcher and he was told that our things would be delivered by Friday, May 18, 2007. It was not, and when we called in, someone in their customer servicce said that if it had been in the computer, we would have gotten our money back but it's not so we still have 21 days to deliver your things. It is now May 24, 2007 and we still do not have our things. They are now saying 3 to 6 more days. That's not going to cut it. My husband's work tools, clothes, and shoes are packed away and his boss is about to fire him if he doesn't go to work next week. He had to keep taking time off to wait for the movers to come like they "promised". My poor husband has been sleeping on the floor this whole time. I cannot do that since I was in a car accident a year and a half ago and have a bad back. I need my memory foam mattress. I will be home on Friday, May 28th from my job training and have no bed to sleep in with my bad back. They don't care. Plus they still want us to pay for everything. Hopefully, we get our things in time. I'll write another reveiw whenever we get out things.
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