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Pat S.
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North Tonawanda, NY
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Authorized Movers
Categories:  Furniture Movers, Home & Office Movers, Moving Companies, Apartment & Residential Movers, Storage
Serving The United States
Miami Beach, FL 33139
So far, they have called and will be at least a day late. This is messing up my whole move, I have animals being transported by someone else, and i have to make it to my new house before the animals arrive. I allowed for plenty of travel time, but now this company has put me back AT LEAST a day, and NOW I am worried I might not make it to my destination (1800 miles) in time to receive may animals, and I am alone and must be present to get my furniture loaded and then rush the 1800 milles to meet my aniimals. I cannot fly since I need to take my car to my new house and taking some of the animals with me that wouldn't fit the transport! This company may not only have created problems for me, but may have also put my animal's lives in danger. I will report more as things progress, but right now, I am not impressed. They don't appear to be very reliable, AND when asked when they would be here, they waffled on an exact time so I could even try to make other arrangements. They eveb asked if I wanted to cancel my order! I can't. New people are moving in here on Wednesday because I was promised to be out on Tuesday! Many people are being put out due to this ineptness. I am hoping to hear from the company in the morning to see if we can get this resolved. I will update with resolution. I hope to report that they have resolved this situation to my satisfaction, and the other family who will have no place to stay or I will have no place to stay or whatever due to all my stuff still in here and their stuff arriving on Wednesday possibly before these movers even arrive! I would already rate this buisness poorly, I sure hope to change my mind, and soon.
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